Caring for our earth is something that surpasses all generations. Hopefully, we each in our own stage of life find a way of making things better, greener. At Atherton Place our staff and residents take pride in making things a bit greener with our gardening club and sharing our tips for growing an environmentally friendly garden for any age. Read on to learn about how gardening enhances the senior living experience in Marietta GA!

Benefits of Gardening

senior-living-marietta-garden-clubGardening has many benefits for physical and mental health. It encourages exercise and deep breathing, which in turn clears the lungs, improves digestion and immune response, and increases oxygen levels in the blood. Being outdoors in the sunlight reduces heart rate and muscle tension and increases vitamin D.

Gardening also improves mental health as it is an activity that reduces stress levels. Adding gardening to your daily or weekly routine provides structure and a soothing rhythm.

Garden clubs offer a chance for social connection as members can meet new people and bond over their hobby. Gardening promotes teamwork since people come together to create something. Social connections are also proven to improve mental health, lowering depression and anxiety.

Types of Gardens

Many of us think of gardens as requiring large amounts of space and time to tend them. But gardens can take form in any number of ways. Even those with limited mobility can find ways to create their own little green space. Raised bed gardens, patio gardens, small window box gardens and even house plants can serve the purposes of bringing color to space or fresh vegetables to the table.

senior-living-marietta-garden-clubRAISED BED GARDENS

A raised bed garden, like its name implies, consists of a garden bed or box full of soil where gardeners can tend to their plants. Garden beds are especially useful for areas with little to no lawn space, and they make it easy for beginner gardeners to control factors such as soil and water.


A patio garden simply refers to a garden in a patio. This can look a variety of ways, including raised beds or boxes, hanging plant pots, or planting directly into the soil. Additionally, a patio garden creates a space for community. You can put chairs, grills, a firepit, and lights among the plants. This will encourage everyone to go outside and get some sunshine and fresh air.


For those unable to get outside much, window boxes bring the garden inside. Just make sure your window receives plenty of sunlight. For those in wheelchairs, window boxes allow them to plant a garden while still sitting.


House plants allow you to keep your garden anywhere indoors. Choose plants that don’t require much attention, such as cacti. They will make your room more cheery and bring the outdoors inside on days where the weather is bad or you can’t get out.

Tips From Garden Club Members

senior-living-marietta-garden-clubNow that spring is here, the gardening club at Atherton Place is back in full swing with weekly meetings, and we have planned visits to the Root House and Smith-Gilbert Gardens coming up. Our members love coming together to get outside, grow plants, and share tips. Here are some garden tips from club members Doris and Shirly:

  • Have a good game plan at the beginning of the season and follow through.
  • It’s good to have a clear pathway to move around the garden safely.
  • Use raised beds when possible.
  • Have a water feature.
  • If you have an iron or brass headboard you would like to repurpose, it will make a beautiful trellis for flowering vines.

Atherton Place Encourages Green Senior Living For Our Marietta Residents This Earth Month!

Atherton Place strives to help all our residents see the beauty of being out in nature and cultivating a garden. Whether that looks like outings with the gardening club or simply having a bedroom window box, gardening is something that everyone can use to brighten their lives. Whether a resident has always had a lifelong love or gardening or wants to try it out for the first time, our garden club is the perfect place.

If you or a loved one are looking for senior living, look no further than Atherton Place! With state-of-the-art facilities and a welcoming community, our senior residents have called us home throughout our three decades.

Give us a call at 678-931-9013 or click here to ask questions or set up a tour to see what else makes Atherton Place perfect for senior living in Marietta.

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