Are You Ready For Some Water Fun!

It’s a well-known fact that exercise is beneficial for people of all ages. But as you get older, it becomes more challenging to participate in certain activities. This is why swimming is a practical and fun exercise that is recommended for seniors. If you are searching for somewhere that offers amenities such as water aerobics, try Atherton Place, the most trusted resource for Marietta senior living!

Types of Water Exercises

If you’re considering water aerobics, you probably want to know what types of exercises you’ll be doing. While they are considered great exercise, they are perfect for seniors as they are considered low impact and are easier on the joints.

Some popular water exercises include:

marietta-senior-living-women with pool noodles

Noodle Water Workout: This fun and easy workout is done by using pool noodles to help with floating and resistance. It is a really great way to exercise your upper body, arms, and abs.

Water Walking: This exercise is essentially just walking in water, but with the resistance that the water creates, it will help to burn more calories than walking on land.

Wall Push-ups: This exercise can be done by leaning with your hands pressed against the wall and repeatedly pushing your body away from the wall. This exercise is good for the arms and chest muscles.

Calf Raises: This exercise is done by lifting your heel up repeatedly while standing in water. This is ideal for building strength in the lower back and thigh muscles.


Aqua Jogging: Aqua jogging is when you lift your knees up high when walking in the water and is great for gaining strength in the lower back and thigh muscles.


For senior adults, these are only a few of the various exercises you can do in the water. Depending on what areas of your body you want to work on, there are many other water exercises that may be better suited for your needs.

If you or a loved one are in need of a senior living facility that offers amenities, including aquatic exercise, learn more about Atherton Place. Residents of Atherton Place in Marietta receive a free daytime membership to the Wellstar Health System right next door, where many amenities, including water aerobics, are available!


Benefits of Swimming



Water aerobics is a practical and fun way to get exercise and has many health benefits for seniors. According to the CDC, “water-based exercise can benefit older adults by improving their quality of life and decreasing disability.” For those who struggle with joint and muscle pain, swimming is a great choice of exercise.

Some health benefits of swimming include:

      • Muscle Strength
      • Improved Heart Health
      • Arthritis-Joint Support
      • Cardiovascular Health Improvement
      • Improvement in Mental Health
      • Better Sleep
      • Increased Flexibility and Range of Motion
      • Weight Loss
      • Good Socializing Opportunity
      • Improved Stability


And a reduced risk of Osteoporosis! Swimming is a low-impact exercise which makes it ideal for seniors who want a full-body workout but struggle with joint or muscle pain. It is proven that swimming reduces the risk of osteoporosis because of the exercise’s ability to strengthen back muscles and increase range of motion, two things that people with osteoporosis struggle with.

From improving mental health to aiding joint pain, swimming has a multitude of benefits. Swimming can also be a fun pastime that anyone can enjoy. If you struggle with certain health issues, try water aerobics!

Enjoy Amenities Like Swimming at Atherton Place!

Atherton Place is the most trusted Marietta senior living facility. We provide our residents with various amenities to keep them up and moving. At Atherton Place, residents also receive a free membership to the WellStar Health System, which is conveniently right next door!

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