Starting The Conversation

Have you noticed a shift in your aging parents’ ability to live on their own? Are you starting to worry that it is no longer the best option for them to continue taking care of themselves without assistance? These concerns are common, and you may find yourself tasked with stepping in and ensuring your aging parents are taken care of. If this sounds like your situation, it may be time to discuss making the move to senior living with your parents. Atherton Place, one of the top senior living communities in Marietta, GA, has provided you with guidelines on the best way to have this conversation.

Tips For Discussing Senior Living Options With Your Parents

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Start The Conversation Early

You know your parents better than anyone. You know what they are capable of, but you also know when their age starts to take a toll on their abilities. When you feel like the time is approaching, it is very important to begin the conversation about their options.

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Making the move to a senior living facility is a major change and something that should be discussed rationally and with respect. Starting the conversation early also allows your parents time to process their new reality without feeling caught off guard or betrayed. It is a precautionary measure as well, being that waiting too long could increase the potential of health concerns or an accident that puts them at risk. Establishing an understanding between your parents and yourself will make the process more fluid for everyone involved. Just be sure to do your homework beforehand by researching senior living options in your area.

Atherton Place, which is among the trusted senior living communities of Marietta, GA, has a variety of resources available online to help you navigate your research.

Listen Closely

Your parents have valid concerns and thoughts about this process. Hear them out. As mentioned, a move of this magnitude is significant for anyone, and your parents understandably may have reservations about it. This is why it is important to keep your ears and mind open when listening to your parents’ side of the conversation. Ensure them that you will work to make sure their desires are met to the best of your ability.

Don’t Be Too Quick To Make A Decision

Your parents need ample time to accept your proposal as well as to find a senior living facility they feel meets their needs. This is why starting the conversation early is so crucial.

Give your parents opportunities to express how they are feeling throughout the process as they may experience a rollercoaster of emotions. While your work and availability are important during this process, they should also be as involved as they would like to be when narrowing down their new home. Be a helpful hand by scheduling tours so they can see firsthand what their new lifestyle could potentially look like.

senior communities in marietta ga. A supportive daughter shows her senior mother options on a tablet.Be There For Your Parents

Sometimes, the biggest reason your parents might not want to transition to senior living is that they feel like they have to say goodbye to their former life. With open and informed conversations, you can help relieve some of these concerns. Remind them of the positive implications that a senior living community has to offer for them and the family. From amenities to chef-prepared meals and plenty of community activities, there is something for everyone to look forward to.

Consider Atherton Place

If you are starting the conversation about senior living communities with your parents, consider Wellstar Atherton Place. Known for being the preferred and trusted choice in the Cobb County area, Wellstar Atherton Place is a wonderful senior living option that gives you the assurance that your parents will have a fulfilled lifestyle. Our certified staff is available around the clock to assist residents while treating them like their own family members.

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